Keep your margins
Free online ordering

Fast to setup, easy to use and free. Get more orders and get your staff off the phones.

A better way to get online ordering

Start getting orders from more tourists and locals that just don't like talking on the phone

Free for your business, easy for your staff and customers

Everything you need to take your business online

A Website, Online ordering, Online payments and delivery zones. We give you everything you need to give your customers a great online experience.

  • Your Own Website

    If you don't already have a website you can get a simple one with your menu. Let customers know your hours, contact info and where to find you.

  • Accept Online Payments

    If you want to let your customers pay online as well we can provide that for you too. Online payments are 5% + 30c per order and include the merchant fees.

  • Delivery Zones and Fees

    We don't provide delivery, but if you do you can add delivery zones and fees and have them automatically added to your customers orders.

  • Works on Mobile Phones

    Your customers can order even if they aren't near their computer

We're the Restaurant friendly option

Our goal is to get every restaurant online. To get there we're focused on being as business friendly as possible. We won't try to lock you in or sneak in hidden fees designed to take all your margins.

  • Your own domain name

    We offer everyone a custom domain name so if you ever decide to go to another service your customers will go with you.

  • No monthly fee

    Instead of a monthly fee we add $1 to the price of every order that we collect from you at the end of the week so you're never out of pocket.

  • Easy to learn

    Easy to use interfaces will save you countless hours in employee training time.

  • Support when you need it

    With 24/7 support we're there to help you out when you need it so you never need to worry about having to wait until the next day to get a problem fixed.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Full Service Account

Our full service account includes everything you need to get started taking online orders. It also includes everything you need once your online orders take off and you're the most popular restaurant in town.

Instead of a monthly fee we add $1 onto every order and then collect those fees from you at the end of each week so you're never out of pocket.

What's included

  • Website

  • Online Ordering

  • Online Payments

  • Delivery Zones and Fees

Optional Extras

  • Domain name registation($15/yr)

  • Most tablets will work but we can provide one for you at near cost

  • Custom Website Designs

It really is free forever

$0 /month

Frequently asked questions

Is it really free? Whats the catch?

The main features are always free for the restaurant. By including a service fee in the orders your customers cover the cost of the service.

We do have optional addons that cost money however. These include domain registration fees if you want us to manage them, custom designs if you need one and we can sell or lease you a tablet.

When do you collect the service fees?

We charge your card on Mondays for any orders made up to the previous Thursday. This should almost always ensure that credit card payments hit your account before our charge so you aren't left out of pocket.

Mondays are bad for me can you charge on a different day?

Sure, during the setup process we'll confirm Mondays are the best day and can adjust as needed.

Do you integrate with my POS system?

Not yet but we're planning to start developing integrations soon. Let us know what POS you use.

What equipment do I need?

Any off the shelf tablet with a web browser should work if you already have one, if not we can help you pick one or sell you one.

How will I know when a new order comes in?

If you turn on the sound on your tablet we'll play an alert sound on a new order, otherwise you can setup the system to send you an SMS when a new order comes in.

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